Induction week

Unreal engine basics

My first Unreal badge, for completing

my first hour with unreal tutorial and successful test.

Week one

Critical review

Ark Survival evolved is an action adventure survival game by the studio Wildcard,

Based in lost human worlds that are terror-formed by the Ark obelisks.

This awesome survival style game is based in dinosaur filled worlds with rich and beautiful landscapes, everything about this game screams adventure whether that’s capturing and taming a T-Rex for a pet, riding gargantuan birds through the skies, or plunging into the depths of the sea on the back of a Megalodon to fight giant squids and other sea creatures. This epic escapade and beautiful rendered scenics is a must for all survival style game lovers. from the the dark swamps in the genesis update or the smashed ruins of Ragnarok, this game really is visually stunning.

With the Ark being such an epic size of detail the game play however can sometimes suffer with lots of bugs particularly when it comes to new maps or updates where certain items like the artifacts you are supposed to collect to spawn the boss fights that have an issue with sometimes just not spawning at all, leaving you to use codes to gain them. although the game seems to work quite flawlessly on single player and the trouble only really starts when venturing onto online multiplayer or creating your own server were you can hit such problems as mass amounts of lag or randomly kicked from the game and this can become furiously frustrating.

With there being so much about this game in a way of coding its understandably going to run into bugs especially because the game is constantly updated with things like summer, Easter and even Christmas events. But one of the major problems I find with this game is the multiplayer itself, for example joining an official server and playing with strangers online can be very frustrating as when you log off people can destroy your base, steal your stuff and generally ruin everything you have spent time doing, so everything you log back on you may have to start all over again. Its best to stick to single player or your own safe server. All this aside though the game has so many different maps and objectives to complete in the worlds of Ark that this can be over looked, as the game itself is so much fun. Whether your building a base or hunting dinosaurs for your own tames or cave hunting for those lost artifacts to have epic boss battles, the worlds of ark are extremely vast with dangers hidden everywhere. So if your into building stuff and just trying to survive in a hostage world then Ark pretty much has you covered, if you have grown out of Minecraft and looking for your next more adult survival game then I would give Ark a chance.


During my first week on the course I did a wide variety of tasks and introductions into Unreal engine 4 and 3DSMAX, one of the first tasks was discovering assets from the unreal engine library on the launcher. I used infinity blade assets to create a scene in a pre made map which i found to be really enjoyable and fun.

My introduction to 3DSMAX was pretty daunting at first as the programs is pretty huge with so much to learn but after a quick start guide on how to set the system up which I save to my collage drive and my google drive so I can always have the best start to my projects, I was ready to start modelling. Being very used to Blenders interface when it comes to modelling I was worried i would struggle but what I found was 3DSmax was simpler and easier to use and I plodded on with the tank tutorial with out any problems and found to to be really intriguing and again a lot of fun, modelling is something I do really enjoy though and can see myself spending lot of time with 3Dsmax at home.

Creating textures and colours in unreal engine.

Today we had a look at creating a metal texture in unreal engine, this is one of the areas i really struggle with as a lot just overwhelms me but having ago i did see some interesting results so I’l try and explain what I did.


Using a seamless metal material from Google and importing this into the unreal content browser, then renamed this master material so i would be able to create a few variations of instance materials from this. 

Editing this material in the nodes edit screen I multiplied the texture and then scaled the metallic and roughness using scale parameter node. From this i created 3 different materials just by scaling. After this I added a colour nod called a Vector parameter then by doing the math of times the colour by the texture to create a coloured metal textures.

a few things I learnt from today to be noted are

-instance materials take up no memory as they are working from the original source material.

- materials are square and work the math out in tiles, when scaling you are creating more tiles.

-if something is metallic it is black and white.

- 0,0,0 = R,G,B

-colour always goes above texture when placing lines into nodes.

-textures work in squares because scale is 1 to 0

-use overlay in Photoshop when colouring textures for unreal engine.

-Roughness uses grey scale for values.

SCI FI Corridor.

Today we experimented with a sci-fi corridor, changing the colour, texture and metallic of the materials with parameters and adding a linear interpolate node into the material which this multiplies the black and white of the texture. Spent some time just messing around with the parameters to extremes and back again gaining more understanding of material creation. Also introduced to bit of Modularity were I connecting small assets into different blueprints to create groups (a Prefab) these are then converted into assets to save time and build levels faster. while I was creating my different size chunks of sci fi corridors I added lights into the blue print so the assets were pre lit and saving time over adding them light individually.

Few things for me to keep in mind

Modularity – is level design, splitting up assets to create the environment and save you time.

Prefab – is a group of assets created using blue prints.

Parameters – are scale, roughness, base colour, 


My first difficulty I came across in the first week was the lighting and fog in Unreal engine some reason I couldn't quite grasp what I was supposed to do especially with the fog because as far as i am aware its not fog but a lighting setting so it is defiantly something I need to research into more to make sure I can light my worlds correctly.

I didn't really run into ay difficulty's when it came to 3DsMax just that it was very daunting at the start, I did however seem to get wireframe mode to stop working but fixed this issues with help from Ben.

I am looking to watch a few more tutorial on these to improve my understanding and move forward with my work and learning.

Creating textures and colours in unreal engine.

This for myself was like staring at a headache, its definitely where I need to the most help and where I need to put my spare time into getting right. I will be completing the unreal course badge on this at home next week. Its not that I don't understand the math or the nodes I think  am over complicating it a lot in my head and need to find a way of simplifying it, then I maybe able to go at a faster pace when creating materials as it takes my head some time to grasp what I am doing.

I am looking to watch a few more tutorial on these to improve my understanding and move forward with my work and learning.


I have big aspirations in this area of study but I am going to try and keep things more simple and focused on what i really want to achieve by the time I finish studying.

At this time the thoughts of returning to university to study games design really excites me as the art side to game design is where I feel my strong points are, but for now I don’t know how I could pay for the course so I would say this is a dream for me at this time.

What I would really like to get out of my time at collage is a round skill set in the creation of games with a more advance skills ion the art side of it with assets creation and level design. I would really like to take my modelling to a higher level and become more advance in 3Dsmax.

This isn't really a dream but defiantly a big goal of mine which is to be skilled in nodes and the programming behind unreal engine as the whole thing fascinates me so I will be spending a lot of my free time to getting to grips with the process of nodes and the maths of how things work in unreal.

My work in Unreal Engine using infinity blade assets.

This is my tank tutorial that I did in class which was completing the first video.

My work from material creation

Work from my time on the Sci fi corridor.

Should all games have an easy mode? 

well I feel there are a few answer to this one question so I would like to start with no!

Why no? Because being an 80s child growing up with Commodore 64, Nes then Saga. Easy mode? There was no easy mode the only way to beat a game was to take your time and practise, all those hours with Mario and Sonic or even the crazy Dizzy the egg. There was no easy mode just the game its self in its original format same as when arcade games came out there was just one mode, I believe the whole concept of not having an easy mode came from arcade games like space invaders or asteroids where the company's who created them wanted you spending more and more money on them to get good, if there was an easy mode players would only spend a small amount of money playing them which would of in fact probably hindered the evolution of games from arcades to home consoles. I still have games on my retro console that I haven't beat due the fact that they are just that hard, I don’t even think there was a way to make games easier until the game Gradius creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Creator Of Famous 'Konami Code' who couldn’t beat his own game so he created a cheat code built into the game and what could have been the first creation of making a game easier, this in turn spawned the creation of cheat codes.

Now with the creation of Nes systems,Sega and PS1 games did start to get different modes including easy and very hard but even with the easy mode retro games could still be massively hard so through the 90s came a massive range of cheat codes, books and cartridges you could plug into the consoles themselves to bust open your games giving you infinity ammo, lives or just making the game crazy. Sometimes these could be fun other times I feel they really destroy a game making them super easy and completed very fast and becoming fed up with that game. These cheating easy modes only seemed to last throughout the 90s early 2000’s as with the creation of xbox, ps3 and online gaming came achievements! and harsh bans for cheating so players would now try to beat the games in the best way to earn game score and bragging rights, but it became apparent that not all gamers are skilled to a professional level, so every game started coming along with different modes not always called easy or hard but most of the time that’s basically what they was, but with the introduction of achievement's and unlockables items players were encouraged to play all the modes to full complete the game making all modes enticing for all players.

So this is where my answer changes for a hard no to a definite yes, over the years the gaming community has become such an massive thing that players from all over the globe at all ages play games now whether that’s on a console, pc or mobile. Gaming is such a massive part of today modern society that the designers and creators create games for everyone to enjoy, its about the experience, the joy and the story telling. these are some of the key factors in the immersive worlds of gaming. Being an 80s kid and remembering  the frustration of repeating a level until it was memorises just to beat it seems a very silly concept to me now. Some times a player may want a challenge and spend some hard hours smashing away on insane mode sometime a player just wants to chill and breeze through the fun side of a level. But that's the great things about games today it doesn't matter how you want to game or what you play or what level you play at whether that's a pro and smashing 400 plus wins on fortnight/ COD or just having fun with friends building things in Minecraft with mobs turned off. Games have something for everyone no matter your skill or age, should all games have an easy mode of course they should because everyone should be able to enjoy gaming no matter who you are.

Continued Tank tutorial 

Really enjoyed every step of this and excited to learn texturing and normal maps to bring these low poly models to life, I do need to learn my hot keys better

Week 2



Being very capable in Adobe Photoshop from my Graphic design course, today I was shown some basics kind of like a refresher course.

Thing that were covered was opening a black document in this case a 1080p Tv/Film canvas and began importing a few game characters for PNG files, then using the magic wand tool deleting the background. After all the characters where imported using copy/paste then using CTRL-T to transform the characters to different scales around the scene.

Also shown the the overlay effect which is a great way to add other colours on top of you pictures for example changing a hair colour or adding make up. One thing I have used overlay for over the years is to ink clay sculpts I have done. so taking photos of a single colour model I had sculpted then using overlay to fully ink the model.

few hotkey to remember

Ctrl- J  (Duplicates)

Ctrl- E (Merge)

Ctrl- U (Hue and saturation)

Ctrl- T (transform)

Quick example of using overlay

Cover art design for the game Remnant from the ashes, the game is full of in-depth worlds with really unique scenery but the original cover shows none of this. my idea was to show a small snip of the earth world of the game along with the log which is based of the main Crystal in the game used for travel and saving. I only used the techniques we discussed in class, I did go further but really wanted to keep to what we cover in lesson to create this.

Original cover

Introduction into video sequencer Unreal engine

A fun introduction to creating and rendering video inside unreal engine, given a fully made level with the infinity blade asset pack and was set the task of creating a video fly through by following the tutorial provided.

I simply dropped a camera into the scene and using the sequencer and key frames I managed to follow the tutorial and  create the fly through in the video below 

In this picture you can see the camera track being created with keyframes

After this I was given a really exciting task of creating my own full level using the Infinity Blades fire asset pack and then create a fly through video using the same method but with transitions and multiple cameras.  I really wanted to create something really amazing that stands out, so I spent a few days creating some really crazy stuff like a oversized metal forge and a lava red church. this process was really addictive and I tried to push myself to create different objects from the create assets.

Starting with a landscape created with 7x7 quads I began throwing ideas down starting with placing every asset in the pack into the world just to see what I had available. After this I began just throwing the assets together to see what look best, this took a big chuck up of my day just putting stuff together to gain an idea for a level but i finally decided with a kind of evil forge church.

over the next few days the 7x7 quads disappeared and the level became much bigger creating a transition from an inside part of the level to the out side where the church sat. I found my self adding extra assets at this point from the infinity blade effects pack which i downloaded, I really wanted to give the lava in my level some life and just the movement itself just wasn't cutting it, so I added splashes, drips and fire giving the whole scene a much better finished look. overall I am pretty happy with how this came out although the lava edges are still really rough. with the level complete I created a flythrough using the sequencer and multiple camera which you can see in the video below.

This week we did take a quick look at messing with effects and lighting using the Post process volume 

First of all we fixed the lighting in a level from auto fixing the brightness its self, I did this by searching for post process toll volume and dropping into into the world then searching the details panel for unbound and giving this a tick, following after this scrolled down to exposure and set both min and max brightness to 1. this stopping the light changing in the edit screen and the finished level. after this I was quickly show a few crazy mods for the post process volume like film grain and bloom. there is quite a few different variations to mess around with and I would like to spend some time exploring them more


I am quite please with my progress this week and didn't struggle with much at all,  I will say that organization within unreal engine is a factor I need to get better at, with copy/pasting assets a lot I can become lost within my scene for a certain object, I am hoping to practice better organization by creating folders for certain items such as Rocks, lights or cameras and with this I am hoping speed up my work flow.

One difficulty I did run into right at the end of the week was the use of multiple cameras in the video flythrough, I struggled adding another camera without messing the first camera pattern up, the video sequence became stretch out even after watching the tutorial a few times I failed to grasp it but I feel I just need a bit more time and practice to get this right, so I will re watch the tutorial take some notes and get this right.


With the introductions to video stuff this week and full level creation which i have fully enjoyed, i am looking to the future and really excited to be able to create my own assets and build a full level from scratch with all my own work. few topics i am looking forward to doing is Trim sheets and more intense look at creating materials with the end goal being able to create my own level.

Week 3


This week I was given the task of using all three of the Infinity blade assets packs to create a new level in unreal engine, below are a few snip shots of the progress of the creation using everything I have leant so far. I re started a few times until I began my final idea of a creepy cabins built in the snow hills.

I added a few effects including snow and fog and then using the Post process volume I slightly added some gamma to the shadows and a small amount of bloom. 

Pipes, pipes & more pipes!

So we go back into 3Dsmax and this time following along with the module pipe creation tutorial, I followed along creating a series of pipe lengths, curves and angles. Creating a construction kit of pipes for assets like the one I used in the infinity blade packs to create the Ice, Fire and Grass levels.

I started with a torus shape changing the measurements of the diameter to 20cms and selecting these 3 quarters then deleting them to create the first 90 degree pipe and then the 45 degree pipe, This is was very simple and easy process to follow  after that I then copied these and placed them to one side.

Now starting with a cylinder and selecting the top and bottom faces and deleting them I was able to create all the different variation pipes below, I was able to do this by adding a symmetry modifier and adding a mirror on top and simply moving the pipe onto different degrees.  

With the last two pipes in the above picture I simply offset the the top boarder by 50 on the Y axis, loop selected the edges and added a few connects to create and the slight curve at the ends.

This last shape was created with two of the 45 degree angle pipes one at the top and one flipped at the bottom, then selected the boarders and joined them to create the finished shaped. this whole process was really enjoyable I went on to create a few sizes of the finished pipe set and even a connecting pipe piece and then spent some time creating a simple pipe work against a wall.

one of the new  process's I learnt during this pipe creation was the ProBooleon tab in compound objects, this is a process of joining or unifying objects together and getting rid of any unnecessary overlapping edges.

After I finished the task from the tutorial I was provided to create the Pipes, I took some time to re-make all the pipes but this time with each one having its own end connector to make construction easier. What I found as I created new pipes that I really got ahead of myself and started adding in more detail and set myself the challenge of creating 2 new sets of pipes, one with end connectors and one with a lot more detail and adding that steampunk design to them.

Here are my finished steampunk stylized pipes, at this stage I can see myself adding a few more variations and then creating a small scene with them as modelling is something I really want to perfect because I enjoy it so much but this is just a starting point I'm hoping this time next year I can look back at these and see how far I have come.

With using just the simple extrude or bevel to add that extra tough look to the pipes, this is the same process I used through the creation of my pipes. 

The process was so easy creating pipes I had top withdraw myself and say stop, I have always enjoyed modelling and now really starting to get to grips with 3Dsmax.


Here we can see the rare almost mythical Pink tank and that's why I chose these colours, you never get to see a pink tank so why not.

I struggled to follow along with the tutorial due to sound issues and so I simply had a mess around until I cracked it myself and began creating colour materials and adding them to the different faces of my tank a very simple process by tuning the Ambient and defuse settings to create the different shades I wanted, after this I exported the tank as an .FBX file to be used in unreal later.

With the given built staging file on unreal I imported my tank and rendered out the video below, one pink low poly tank.


So not to many difficulty's this week, I haven't really struggled but with that said I have leant that I do need to spend more time learning and playing with the Post process volume and really getting to grips with what this can bring to my creations in unreal engine. This crazy little box has so many setting to play with I get a little lost in what I am doing, I believe I could do with a variety of videos on doing the different effects so I can get to grips with creating different atmospheres with the Post process, that way I could practice  and get the best out of this wonderful tool. I will how ever re watch the tutorial on canvas I will review this a few times and copy along on Unreal engine to get more to grips with this process.

One thing I definitely need to work towards getting right is the hotkeys for 3dsmax, views and movement just to speed up my work flow time. I am going to force myself to only use these and not the mouse for a week and keep practicing to get better and faster maybe even a print out in front of me to help remind me could be handy.


With expanded level creation this week and then an introduction into modular pipes I am very excited to start creating my own assets, my aim is to start fresh with the pipes and create my own versions in different variations and turn these into my own pipe asset packs. Following on from this I would like to create my own materials and normal maps for these assets creating a fully finished pipe assets pack I can use in my projects.

Because I thoroughly enjoy modelling I am going to set myself the task of creating a few of my own asset packs by January,  all built from scratch with no tutorials and this is why I am really excited and looking forward to learning materials and normal maps creation.

Games trailer reviews 

So the first part of my review I am going to look at the ashes to ashes or Brothers to the end trailer for Gears of war 3 which was released in September 2011 on the Xbox 360, Now with this being the third instalment of the highly popular series the developers over at Epic games really had there work cut out for them creating another instalment and I feel they really showed off what they were trying to create in this trailer.

You can see from the first 21 seconds into the trailer that even if you have never played or heard of the gears of war franchise that something horrific has happened in this game with the literal ashes of the people are frozen in the time when there were killed, all posed in the twisted agony and anguish of the last moments of their lives, With this very dark beginning to the trailer along with the ominous overtone music Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon we are draw into this very bleak world where the game is set. For me the trailer could have stopped right there and I would have been excited and intrigued enough to find out more about this game but the trailer just gets better from here with one of the characters running through an the ash statue like he is fighting for his own survival surrounded by gun fire and falling to the floor. At this point we see the monster that chasing him (Locust) and we could believe that this is the end for this particular character as he shows signs of giving up in a world that is already dead, But not! And this is where the trailer goes in a totally different direction from the ominous fate of the world and its inhabitance, without changing the music or even the place or mood we see hope in the bleakness with other characters coming to aid this soldier of war all huddling together to fight some impressive looking enemies. Here is is where I believe the trailer goes back to the same feel as the start, we see all the soldiers (Gears) bunched together and fully surrounded by hundreds of incoming enemy locusts, being heavily out number and out gunned the hope in the trailer begins to fade away again leaving us to believe there is no hope at all especially with the fade to black slogan of “Brothers to the end”

The trailer gives off a bleak outlook at a fight you probably cant win or at least not =with out some amazing team work, in the length of 1.20 we have been shown this bleak world that has been devastated by some thing horrific, to an ongoing fight with monsters and such brave team work to over come these intense circumstances. For me this is how its done, if you are going to make a trailer then make me feel your game not just see some random cameras or game shots, I want to be immersed in the world that been create for me to play in and discover.


Now I would like to move onto a more recent game trailer from 2019 on the Playstation 4, Flowers are dead, honestly this is a prime example of how not to create a trailer for a game.

It starts of with us seeing a view of some woods, a pillar and what seems to be a house in the background with what might appear to be fireflies or some kind of light or something else floating around in the air. There is no sound only white noise, surly there are birds or something in these woods but no as the trailer continues with a close up of these yellowish light and from here we can see the graphics are really not up to par with the PS4, lots of rough edges with a feel that this was slapped together very quickly. At this point we can see some TP tents in the background but I am unsure why what’s next? Well a close up of a bench with the same yellow flies floating around, its here where you can really see the graphics are bad as the grass seems to be floating above the stone path? Concrete path, I am not sure what that grey floor is but there is a bench and still no sound.

48 seconds in and I am really unsure to what it is that I and viewing as we not change to another shot of yellow flies next to a pillar, so as far as I know so far the game has yellow fire flies (lots of them) and some very quickly slapped together assets. Ok so from here we see the house from the other shots just a little closer up and yes again more fire flies, those little yellow things are all I am really seeing, it seem they really wanted us to focus on these, so are they important? Are they just part of the world? Who knows at this stage. But then things getting even more confusing with a close up of a table covered in what I assume is blood but I can also it has sprayed onto the nearby bush or is that just a mistake from brushing it onto the table? I really have no idea except more effort is needed in the graphics of this game. Tape recorder yes there is a tape recorder on the table with a slight glow around it, now I at least know this is in game graphics and not a rendered video as this item is clearly attractive and then the trailer ends with the title flowers are dead. What flowers? I didn’t see any flowers in that trailer, I am left just thinking what the hell was that but not in an intrigued way but more of a I don’t understand what I just viewed or why kind of way. This is exactly how not to make a trailer for your game, uninspiring, dull, boring and the main point explains nothing. It doesn't make me want to play it or find out more just more like I want to post it on Facebook and blast it with a title like “what the hell was that?”


I was very selective with my two choices of game reviews, what the games were about wasn’t important and didn’t really matter I wanted to choose two games from different company's but built with the same technology. Gears of war 3 was created using unreal engine 3 for the xbox 360 and flowers are dead was created using unreal engine 4 for the Playstation 4, realistically flowers are dead had the better tech and more up to date software so really the graphics of the game should have been the seller in the trailer but it just seemed very rush job by amateurs were as gears 3 came out 8 years before and on an outdated console to nowadays but yet the graphics still look amazing, now from experience I know graphics don’t always make for great game but flowers are dead if you are only going to use the setting to create you trailer make sure you have that graphical edge.


“Barry, where's Barry”

The famous line from the highly popular game franchise Resident evil, A franchise which has spread its legacy across 24 years spawning 23 original games and 3 remakes. Along with its ever growing games Resident evil has also been on the big screen with 6 hit movies , 3 CGI movies, A highly anticipated Netflix TV series and now a Reboot movie.These are the points to Capcom's highest selling games series which seem to grow with popularity every year.


The company founded by Kenzo Tsujiimoto and originally created to manufacture and distribute electronic games machines under the name I.R.M Corporation but in 1983 after a merge the company Capcom was established and released there first game Vulgus, a top view spaceship scroll shooter. The company really hit the big time with their flagship game Street fighter in 1987 selling over 30million copies and creating the fighting franchise, since then Street fighter has become one of the best know games in its genre.

Capcom was becoming an influencer in the gaming world, creating content never really seen before and games we look back at now as classic such as Megaman which came out the same year as street fighter surprisingly but in 1996 Capcom changed the scene by creating the first survival horror game where a player work work through puzzles to solve the mystery's of a zombie and monster filled mansion in Resident evil.

With this new creation Capcom had found its audience in horror style gaming selling millions of copy’s world wide and spawning the a huge future in this genre and there biggest selling franchise to date.

In the 1990’s home consoles took over the market with the release of the playstaion and its successor Playstaion 2, this is where Capcom took there new excited horror franchise in a new direction with the spin of action horror title Devil may Cry which became another Capcom hit spawning 5 more games over a span of almost 20 years. One thing Capcom has become know for is using movies to create more sales for there video games. The 1994 came there first venture into this media with the Street fighter movie which as much of a success in the theatres it was critically destroyed, but the movie was popular enough to generate more sales of the popular game at the time Street fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo system. This was a massive starting point for Capcom and decided to carry on with this style of marketing of there popular games series and in 2002 saw there next big adventure with Resident evil movie which created a series of sequels.

So with Capcom has been not just a game develop company over the years but a trend setter and an strong influence in the games industry, like Street Fighter pretty much sparked the beginning of modern competitive gaming and with its sequel which created competitive arcade gaming, a place to meet up with friends and see who could be the best, we don’t really have arcades like the 90’s any more but with out starting points like street fighter and the competitiveness of the sequel would we have games such as Call of Duty now? And with the creation of survival horror we now have games like Until Dawn or Men of Miden. We can definitely say that Capcom has gives us not just great games over the years but ideas for games to be created and awesome movies to me watched.

Even in 2021 Capcom seems to be doing exactly what it was doing back in 1994 with the release of another movie of its games franchises Monster Hunter and by the looks of things with the anticipated release of Resident Evil 8 Capcom will continue creating hits, influences and great movies Capcom has come along way since 1983.

Here comes the


Creating a Grenade 

The build of the grenade  wasn't to complicated although as a beginner to 3Dsmax I did struggle with the tutorial as the creator was doing things without explaining  what he was exactly doing but more of an overall walkthrough. I found myself on google a few times just looking a few things up that he had done but again this is more than likely me struggling as a beginner than the tutorial. Using images and the right scale of the object I found fascinating because as in the past I have just really silly gone ahead and just started building without thinking of the real life scale of the object.  Research is a massive importance when referencing real life builds and because of the level of detail the instructor when into with the research I found it much easy to construct the build.

Around half way through the grenade looked like the above picture, after this the tutorial went onto UV unwrapping and texturing in substance painter and I found myself just a little over whelmed and lost so thought it would be best to return to this build later on when I have more experience in these processors. Through out this build I did run into problems with a few setting that were different from the video and using the setting (CAP) as when I tried this the vertices  became really messed up and after watching the video segment a few times I resolved this by just connection the sections instead which worked just as well.  Still really enjoying modelling and the more time I can spend on this the better but i also look forward to learning materials, UV mapping and rendering out a finished build.